Thailand allocates 50 million Baht in medical aid to assist foreign tourists in case of accidents

The coverage is 1 million Baht per person in the event of death, a maximum of 500,000 Baht for accident injury treatment, and 300,000 Baht for permanent disability, loss of sight or permanent organ loss.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sport (MOTS), in collaboration with the National Institute of Emergency Medicine (NIEM) under the Ministry of Public Health, has announced the 50-million-Baht medical funding to assist foreign tourists in case of accidents while travelling in Thailand.

Ms. Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol, Minister of Tourism and Sports, said “The Prime Minister and Finance Minister, H.E. Mr. Srettha Thavisin, has approved the compensation payments for tourists in the case of accidents or loss. Thus, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports has initiated the “Assistance Scheme for Foreign Tourist Injury and Casualty” as part of our ongoing efforts to assure tourist safety and boost tourist confidence in Thailand.”

The 50 million Baht will be used to provide relief to foreign tourists on a case-by-case basis in the event of accidents, crimes, and other unfortunate events or disasters. But it must not be caused by tourists’ carelessness, intention to commit illegal acts or have circumstances that risk causing the incident.

Foreign tourists are eligible for coverage if they have valid passports and must be visiting Thailand between 1 January – 31 August 2024 with a tourist visa or for the purpose of tourism only.

The compensation rate in the case of death is up to 1 million Baht. In the case of permanent organ loss, loss of sight, or permanent disability, a payment of 300,000 Baht will be given. In the case of accident injuries, actual medical expenses will not exceed 500,000 Baht.

The MOTS has initiated the “Thailand Traveller Safety” (TTS) system via where foreign tourists can register online for the protection and coverage. It is important to note that the scheme is available only for foreign tourists who have valid ‘non-work’ passports and a tourist visa. Citizens of countries and territories who may enter Thailand under the Tourist Visa Exemption Scheme must visit Thailand for tourism purposes only.

“As well as the MOTS, the TTS system can also be accessed by the Tourist Police and the NIEM for initial screening of tourists whether they are eligible to apply for relief. Data collection is done discreetly under Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act,” Mr. Mongkon Wimonrat, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the MOTS, said.

Meanwhile, the NIEM has proposed the establishment of a Tourist Emergency Medical Assistance Centre (TEMAC). In case of accident or health emergency involving foreign tourists, the TEMAC can coordinate with the MOTS’s Tourist Assistance Center (TAC) or the Tourist Police Hotline 1155 or the NIEM Hotline 1669 to verify whether the tourists are eligible for compensation under the scheme and refer them to hospital for medical treatments.

Flt. Lt. Dr. Atchariya Pangma, Secretary-General of NIEM, said “By pooling our resources together to ensure tourists receive emergency medical services in time will help boost confidence among tourists regarding Thailand’s safety standards. The cooperation will also promote the efficiency and quality of our emergency medical systems for the maximum benefit of tourists.”

Meanwhile, the Tourist Police is operating the existing Command and Control Operation Centre (CCOC) and the Strong Tourism Community (STC) initiatives under the guidelines for implementing the Smart Safety Zone project and applying technology to maintain tourist safety.

“The Tourist Police is committed to helping create peace of mind for foreign tourists regarding safety. These include emphasising strict law enforcement, suppressing exploitation of tourists and solving the problem of fraud to boost tourist confidence in Thailand,” Pol. Lt. Gen. Saksira Pheuk-um, Commissioner of the Tourist Police, said.

To apply for the “Assistance Scheme for Foreign Tourist Injury and Casualty” project, tourists can submit their applications at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Provincial Tourism and Sports Office (nationwide), or the Tourist Assistance Centre at Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang International Airport (24/7), or via email: [email protected], or by sending by post to Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

Download full details of the Assistance Scheme for Foreign Tourist Injury and Casualty. (TAT)