Thai youth’s network shares opinion on national reform with NRC


BANGKOK, 1 May 2015 – Representatives of a network of Thai youth have met with the President of the National Reform Council to share their ideas on the country’s future.

NRC President Thienchay Kiranant on Thursday met with 82 young representatives from the Youth’s Network, who paid a visit to offer their opinions about Thailand’s reform.

Mr. Thienchay said that the participation of Thai youth in the process is a good omen for the country, as the drafting process of the new Constitution is still continuing.

The NRC President stressed that the charter drafting and the national reform are two tasks that should be in tandem, while conceding that because the time allocated for the reform process is limited, some reform plans will not be completed within one year as hoped.

Mr. Thienchay told his young visitors that the new charter has included the issue of reform for continuation, as such a process is really time-consuming given governments in the past barely solved any problems at the root cause.