Thai, US navies join in anti-submarine exercise in Phuket


Phuket  – Rear Admiral Banpoat Netkrachang, Frigate Squadron One Commander of the Royal Thai Fleet, presided Wednesday over the launch of “Guardian Sea 2018” from the helicopter deck of HTMS Chakri Naruebet, which was docked at Ao Makham in Phuket. The marine drill, which involves the Royal Thai Navy and the US Navy, aims to enhance their anti-submarine warfare capabilities, maritime domain awareness and information sharing.

Guardian Sea features several exercises, some of which will be conducted with the use of an expendable mobile anti-submarine warfare training target (EMATT). Besides anti-submarine warfare, the drill also involves anti-surface and anti-air warfare activities. In addition, there will be seminars on various maritime topics and an exchange of personnel to observe the training.

The joint marine exercise is scheduled to run for five days, coming to an end this April 29.