Thai Red Cross Society calls for more donations


Bangkok – The Thai Red Cross Society is inviting citizens to replenish the country’s blood stocks, noting hospitals are most in need of Type A blood.

A call by the Thai Red Cross National Blood Centre for more donors has been well heeded. The invitation was put out due to demand for blood by the nation’s 150 plus hospitals rising to over 3,000 units per day, with particular demand for Type A blood. Despite keen interest however, Thai Red Cross Society centers and mobile units have only been able to average 1,826 units per day, falling short of the target of 2,000 units.

The center indicated that at present it is only able to meet 30 percent of daily demand for Type A blood and regularly falls short of demand for other types as well. It reminded donors to properly prepare themselves before donation as it has to turn away many well-wishers due to inadequate physical readiness. The center has renewed its call to the public and asked that they schedule donations with the Thai Red Cross Society.