Thai politics catches foreign press’s attention


BANGKOK, 3 February 2014 Thailand is once again on the international headlines as many foreign press agencies have been reporting and assessing the current political situation. 

New York-based multinational non-profit news agency Associated Press (AP) and American daily newspaper Washington Post (WP) have reported that it might take a while longer before Thailand can conclude the election results, given that a number of constituencies, mainly in the southern provinces of Thailand, were unable to hold an election; tossing up in the air the question of how or who will form the next government.

Meanwhile, British national daily newspaper The Guardian interviewed a rice farmer in Phichit Province who did not exercise his voting right on Sunday. According to the farmer interviewed, the reason why he did not cast his vote was that the government had not yet paid him for his rice registered under the government’s rice pledging program.

Qatari broadcaster Al Jazeera quoted an article of a critic, saying the election that took place on Sunday could not solve the current crisis; moreover, by looking at the number of Thais backing the Pheu Thai Party, it is indicative that the majority of the people disagree with the idea of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC).