Thai police nab visa, stock and shares scammers


Bangkok – The Royal Thai Police on Wednesday held a press conference to announce the arrest of visa and short-selling scammers.

According to Thai Immigration Police Chief, Pol Lt Gen Surachet Halparn, authorities raided an apartment belonging to Chatcharin Saraphol where they found fake passports and visas. Chatcharin is now in police custody and will be charged for fabricating official documents.

Lt Gen Surachet also asked migrant workers to apply for visas and work permits through legal channels and never ask a third party to do it on their behalf.

On the same day, the Thai Police announced the apprehension of a scammer who tricked more than 100 victims into investing 50 million baht in stocks. The victims said they each paid no less than 300,000 baht.

Arrest warrants have been issued for 3 suspects. The police have already arrested one of the suspects while the other two are still at large.