Thai pilgrims settled in Mina for Tarwiyah


Makkah, 10 August 2019 – Thai pilgrims yesterday settled in Mina, which is in the west of Makkah and situated 6 kilometers away from the Haram mosque, to mark the first day of Hajj 1440 A.H.

The first day of Hajj began yesterday, or on the 8th day of Dhu al-Hijjah called Tarwiyah, or the preparation day for the annual Hajj. The camps in Mina are well-prepared by the Saudi Arabian authorities to support large number of people from all over the world.

Local government officials make all the necessary security arrangements. Only official vehicles are permitted in the area, allowing the pilgrims to walk along the road safely. Some were spraying cold water along the sidewalks to help keep the pilgrims cool.

Spending time in Mina, the pilgrims have been praying, reading Al-Quran and Zikrullah, or commemoration of Allah, to get ready for Wuquf (staying still) the following day, called Arafah, which is regarded as the most important day of Hajj.