Thai Patriots Network ceases assembly near prime minister’s house


BANGKOK, 27 Oct 2013 The Thai Patriots Network has ceased its demonstration near the house of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, after agreeing to the police request to have the latter help secure a meeting date for the network’s representatives and the prime minister. 

Network leaders Chaiwat Sinsuwong and Sombun Thongburan led an assembly of network members at a PTT gas station at the entrance to Soi Yothin Phatthana 11 on Sunday afternoon. The group intended to travel on foot to the prime minister’s residence in Soi Yothin Phatthana 3 to submit a letter to her.

Mr. Chaiwat said the group would submit the letter only directly to the prime minister, because only she has the authority to withdraw Thailand from the Phrear Vihear dispute case under the International Court of Justice’s deliberation. He added that the group had earlier submitted a similar letter, which called for Thailand to exit the World Court process, to government officials, but the demand fell on deaf ears. So the group now wanted to directly reason with the prime minister.

Chokchai Police Station superintendent, Police Colonel Thanawat Watthanakun, offered to coordinate with the prime minister’s secretaries to set up a meeting between the network and the premiere, in return for the network calling off its march to the prime minister’s house. Network leader Chaiwat indicated that the group would assemble in front of the premier’s residence again on November 3, if the government remained oblivious to their demand.