Thai chicken exporters have bright future


BANGKOK – Thai chicken exporters have expressed confidence in the government and Thailand as ASEAN chair, and called for trade negotiations to increase the export volume to China, which is a major market with high purchasing power. Exporters also sought lenient conditions for loan extensions to agricultural and livestock operators.

Chaweewan Khampha, president of the Chicken Raisers Association of Thailand under Royal Patronage, said she has confidence in the government under the premiership of Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha and Thailand as ASEAN chair, and called for increased exports of Thai fresh chicken meat and processed chicken meat, which are demanded in large quantities by the Chinese market. Thailand currently has 14 chicken exporters able to supply more, in addition to five or six others. The Thai government was advised to open government-to-government trade negotiations with China to increase the export volume of Thai chicken.

Chinese traders have visited chicken factories in Thailand and have approved the operating standards of 25 major chicken meat producers which have already secured export markets in Europe, the United Kingdom and Japan. However, they have been unable to expand into the Chinese market, and are therefore calling on the government for help which could extend to related agricultural products such as animal feed, secure worker employment and stimulate domestic spending.

She called on the Ministry of Finance to apply lenient conditions in approving loan extensions to agricultural and livestock operators so that they can be more competitive in trade.