Territorial Defense Command affirms it will not call civilians for reserve force training


BANGKOK – The Territorial Defense Command has affirmed that it will not be calling on civilians for army reserve training. Instead, it will recruit from current military personnel and compensate accordingly.

The Territorial Defense Command held a ceremony to mark Reserve Forces Day, which is observed on May 6th, and commemorate King Rama VI’s introduction of scouts as a reserve force. The scout regiment is a way for the general public to participate in Thailand’s national security.

At the ceremony, military officers laid flower wreaths in front of an image of King Rama VI and read a letter of gratitude from the Royal Thai Army to the scouts for their role in supporting the army in its public service initiatives.

Commanding General of the Territorial Defense Command Lt Gen Werachai Indusobhana delivered a statement to clarify provisions in the 2015 Armed Forces Reserve Act. According to his statement, the Territorial Defense Command will recruit from the reserve forces to undergo periodical training for natural disaster and crisis readiness. Those selected will be compensated accordingly, while civilians with no military training will not be recruited.