Ten priority issues needed to be tackled before house dissolution


BANGKOK, 21 March 2011 (NNT) – People want the current government to solve many problems, mostly economic-related issues, before it decides to dissolve the House, according to a recent survey by the Assumption University Research Center (ABAC Poll). 

The survey was conducted with 1,106 eligible voters in Bangkok from 18 to 20 March 2011. The respondents were questioned about 10 top priority problems that they want the government to solve in the last month of administration before announcing a House dissolution.

The top ten problems are expensive food prices, soaring palm oil price, falling income and rising expenses, crime and narcotic drugs, social unfairness, traffic, disunity, gambling, education quality and Thai-Cambodian border spat.

Regarding the type of government that people prefer to see after the election, 74.4% of the respondents want a government which can make quick decision in addressing problems for people. 73.9% want a government that can do as promised while 73.2% want an honest government.

In addition, 57.8% of the respondents viewed that life was hard under the current government with expensive prices of basic necessities while the rest did not think so.