Temperature to drop 2-4 degrees during Oct 24-27


BANGKOK, 22 October 2013 The temperature is expected to drop between 2-4 degrees Celsius during October 24-27, as the high air pressure coming from China will cover the upper part of Thailand. 

According to the Thai Meteorological Department, the high air pressure from China will blanket Thailand’s north and cause the temperature to drop. People in the central, east, and northeast regions will be in for morning fog, while the southern part of Thailand will experience more rains, thanks to the low air pressure coming from the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia.

The Meteorological Department has also revealed that during October 24-27, Thailand, mainly the northern region, will encounter a drop in temperature of 2-4 degrees Celsius.

Tourists travelling to Japan have also been warned of Typhoon Francisco, which is heading to Japan and expected to belt the country on October 25-26. However, the department has assured that the typhoon will not have any impact on Thailand.