TAT promoting tourism to ESAN region


UDON THANI – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched a campaign to stimulate tourism in the Northeastern provinces by adopting travel themes, promoting the region’s gastronomy as well as utilizing technology to facilitate the enjoyment of travelers visiting the region.


TAT Executive Director for the Northeastern Region SomchaiChompunoi said at a press conference in UdonThani province today, that the TAT and its network partners have sought to work together to provide a more vibrant experience for those visiting the region.

TAT has this year set up monthly themes for travel in ISAN, promoting what’s unique in the region and what each month has to offer, making the region a great place to visit all year round.

The TAT has also worked to utilize QR Code technology to provide a more convenient way of travel.

Once they are in the region, visitors will be able to scan the QR Code allocated to various locations that link to the region’s TAT Facebook page which will provide information, such as hotels, restaurants, car rentals, post offices, and other necessities, as a One Stop Service center for information. Those who can’t find the information they want on the website, are welcome to chat with officers who will be able to provide answers to any questions on Isan.

The service is currently available in all 20 provinces in the ISAN region, while plans to expand to other regions are underway.

Somchai expressed the hope that the campaign will greatly facilitate the travels of visitors to the region. According to TAT’s latest statistics, ISAN welcomed 30 million tourists in 2018, generating 90 billion baht in revenue; the agency is now looking to increase visitor numbers this year to 40 million, with an estimated income of 100 billion baht.