Students thank all for stopping U-Net tests


BANGKOK, 7 May 2014, – A representatives of the university student against the U-Net examination group has expressed his gratitude to all who support the group’s course by voting on its online petition site.

According to Mr. Suvijak Techatatsakul, the representative, the group’s movement has attracted more than 60,000 of supporters; he thanked the supporters for their votes, which have convinced the National Institute of Educational Testing Service (NEITS) to drop the test.

He urged the NEITS to take the event as a lesson, advising the institute to conduct thorough researches and surveys to avoid imposing such an unnecessary examination on students in the future.

Mr. Suvijak, a Thammasat University Art Student, said that the proposed tests have already put on a certain degree of stress on students, adding that tying test results to employment prospect would further place them in an even more stressful situation. Thousands of people have shared the views that NEITS’s other tests such as O-Net, A-Net,GAT/PAT do not offer any constructive results, given the tests’ designs limit the thoughts and imagination of exam sitters.