Stricter observance of safety rules ordered at petrol and gas stations


The Department of Energy Business has issued an announcement warning all petrol and gas stations to strictly enforce safety protocols for their clients to prevent the risk of fires.

The announcement was ordered by Mr Witoon Kulcharoenwirat, the director-general of the Department of Energy Business, in wake of insufficent observance of fire safety instructions.

He stated that he has handed out a new set of safety guidelines to all petrol and gas station operators in the country to prevent the risk of fires.

The guidelines stipulate that petrol stations must look after the safety of all its customers by requiring them to switch off their engines, banning smoking and shutting off all mobile phones and other possible spark generating equipment while filling up.

The new effort came about as it has been discovered that safety measures at  many petrol stations are lax and sometimes operators ignore these safety protocols resulting in a number of potentially dangerous accidents.

A recent clip went viral on the social media showed a petrol station attendant using a mobile phone while refilling a motorcycle’s fuel tank.

A fire was ignited.

The incident is one such example of the dangerously low safety awareness at many petrol stations, he said.