SRT governor urges not to politicise railway bombing at Cha-am


BANGKOK, Jan 18 — The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) governor Prapas Chongsa-nguan has urged the public not to politicise the railway bombing in Pethchaburi’s Cha-am district.

A bomb exploded at a railroad track, 680 metres from the Ban Cha-am station late last night, forcing a delay in train services but with no reports of injuries.

Mr Prapas said that, according an investigation, it was a homemade bomb connected to a timer. It was believed that the explosion was aimed to threaten and not intended to kill anyone, as the scene was a deserted area.

He said SRT workers have fixed the damaged track and normal services have resumed.

He called on the public not to link the incident with the political situation, as no SRT staff were involved with the rallies.

The governor assured that the SRT has never attempt to block people from joining the demonstration. The service stoppage earlier was due to the track being damaged and needing to be repaired for the safety of passengers.