SRT denies rumors of southern rail tracks closure to prevent protester joining PDRC


BANGKOK, 12 Jan 2014,  Prapat Jongsanguan, Governor of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT), stated that the repairing of the rail bridge in Prachuab Kirikhan Province has been completed and the southern rail services are now back in service. 

According to Mr. Prapat, the closure of the southern rail track in Prachuab Kirikhan Province is for maintenance purposes, not to prevent protesters from joining the People’s Democratic Refrom Committee (PDRC)’s planned mass rally tomorrow.

Previously, the SRT announced the closure of the rail tracks for 4 days beginning yesterday and ending on Tuesday. Mr. Prapat said that the rail bridge in Prachuab Kirikhan Province urgently needed repairing.

The resumption of services would refute the rumors spreading in the social media linking the closure to politics, particularly the one claiming the move was perpetrated by the government to fend off PDRC’s supporters joining its planned rally tomorrow, said Prapat.

Nonetheless, the closure has angered the PDRC’s supporters from the South who wish to attend the rally, triggering the groundless rumors.