Special Report: La Fete French-Thai cultural festival celebrates its 10th anniversary


The French embassy’s cultural and cooperation section is organizing the 10th edition of La Fete French-Thai cultural Festival in Bangkok and other provinces from May 17 to June 22. 

According to French counsellor for culture, science and development, Jeremy Opritesco, La Fete’s multidisciplinary nature will remain the festival’s main feature, with opera, live music, contemporary dance and visual arts. Ten events produced by La Fete and four associated projects of local initiative will be featured during this year’s festival. Mr Opritesco has been developing programmes that will involve more cooperation with Thai artists, institutes, government agencies and private firms.

Highlights include an opera act from Les Mamelles de Tiresias which is a close cooperation between French and Thai artists and the Siam Limousine Roads project combining elements of French touch music and Thai folk Mor Lam.

Most artists will take part in educational workshops which are held with the goal to spark future cooperation between France and Thailand.

Since its creation in 2004, “La Fete” has illustrated a wealth of artistic exchanges between Thailand and France. Its multidisciplinary programme gives witness to the cultural legacy and artistic vitality of the two countries and has been enjoying an ever-growing success.

This year’s arts festival ends in late June with the closing of La Fete de la Musique which will comprise Thai and French music groups at CentralWorld Square.