Special Report: “Hidden Capital” exhibition held to honor the late Supreme Patriarch


A grand Buddhist exhibition called “the Hidden Capital” is being held at the Siam Paragon shopping complex in honour of the late Supreme Patriarch Nyanasamvana, who passed away late last year. 

The exhibition is based on a literary work written by His Holiness titled “Chitta Nakhon” or “City of the mind”. The Supreme Patriarch composed a series of Buddhist teachings for his radio broadcasts every Sunday between 1968-1980. The series was later published into a book format.

The book centers around Buddhist teachings, which stress the importance of people learning to stay mindful at all times to guard against mental impurities that cause suffering in life. In his writing, the Supreme Patriarch describes the abstract inner workings of the heart and mind and Dhamma, which are personified in human form.

The book describes a battle between the protagonists in a conflict and bad influences. A human body is likened to a city with six points of entry. In front of each of the six gates, six alert guards are on duty to screen those entering the city to protect it from malevolent enemies.

12,000 square metres of the hall have been transformed into a hidden capital, divided into 5 large zones. Each area represents each section described in the book, including the three worlds of suffering, the Dharma Wheel army, and the meditation room.

The event also chronicles the life of His Holiness from childhood to the end of his life. His books, personal items and pictures are featured throughout many areas.

The Supreme Patriarch, who headed the country’s order of Buddhist monks for more than two decades, died in October of last year at the age of 100

Over 100 Buddhist networks have join forces to hold various Dhamma activities and open booths at the event. Booths and exhibitions display will share the teachings of His Holiness as well as the work of Suan Mokkh Bangkok and Ajarn Buddhadasa.

The “Hidden Capital” is to run from April 3-7 at the Royal Paragon Hall of the shopping complex.