Songkhla draws street art in old town


The southern city of Songkhla has plans to renovate the walls along three streets in the old town with art displays, with the aim to boost cultural tourism.


Songkhla Provincial Governor Songphol Swadtham revealed that the city walls on Nok Road, Nakhon Nai Road, and Nang Ngam Road would become street art displays designed by students from Silapakorn University, Thaksin University, and staff from 3D painting expert Magic Eyes.

The artwork aims to attract more tourists to the province and portray the identity of Songkhla through 15 street art pieces, representing the local lives and the cultural diversity between Thai, Malay, and Chinese residents.  The creation and installation of artworks will be completed this month.

The street art campaign is held as a part of the Songkhla Fun tourism campaign, promoting cultural tourism to boost economic growth and regional connectivity.

Songkhla is a major tourism destination and is exceptionally popular among tourists from Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.