Songkhla Disease Prevention and Control Office taking Ebola Virus Disease prevention measures


SONGKHLA, 29 August 2014 – The director of the Office of Disease Prevention and Control Region 12, Songkhla has reiterated that the subordinated institutes should carry on Ebola Virus disease prevention measures.

The Ebola virus spreads to people by contact with the skin or bodily fluids of an infected animal. It spreads from human to human through the touching of blood, lymphs, mucus, or saliva of the infected patient.

60-90 percent of the infected patients die since there is no ebola virus-specific treatment that exists.

Thais who want to travel to Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria are still allowed to but they are being strongly advised not to be in contact with infected patients, infectious excretion, patient’s wares or a dead body.

Those who have just departed from the above mentioned countries are suggested to pay close attention for possible symptoms and should see the doctor immediately within 21 days after finding abnormalities such as a fever, stomach muscle pain, vomiting or hematoma defecating.


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