Somalia chooses Thailand as base for its agricultural production


BANGKOK, 04 September 2015 – The Government of Somalia has endorsed a project to set up a privately-run company in Thailand to be its representative in promoting fishery and agricultural investment in ASEAN. Under this decision, the Somalian Government also chooses Thailand as its agricultural production base.

Somalia’s Deputy Prime Minister Mohamed Omar Arte and Justice Minister Abdullahi Ahmed Jama on Thursday signed an MOU establishing the afore-mentioned firm in Thailand. The Somalian Deputy Prime Minister said his country viewed Thailand as center of the ASEAN bloc and gateway for the African Kingdom to engage in joint ventures with ASEAN nations. He said as Thailand has the expertise in agriculture and Somalia is good at fisheries, both sides could share their experiences in these priority fields while cooperation in other fields would follow in due course.

Somalia’s Justice Minister stated that his government was confident in Thailand’s investment atmosphere and was not bothered by the recent bombing at Ratchaprasong. Somalia hoped that the situation would improve soon. The minister also indicated that Somalia would soon issue fishing permits to Thai fishing operators as Somalia has a long coastline and is capable of exporting more than 2 million tons of fishes yearly.