Smog issue persists in Lampang as locals still burn forest for personal gain


LAMPANG, 7 April 2015 – Locals in Lampang are reportedly still burning woods in Chaeson National Park, causing widespread bushfires in the area.

More than 20 rangers fully equipped with firefighting gears were yesterday sent to put out a wildfire south of a waterfall in Chaeson National Park. The operation was a success despite the difficulty in reaching the area which was a steep watershed terrain.

The officials had to travel by foot for a kilometer in order to get to the site. The fire covered an area of about 10 rai, causing thick smoke.

According to the officials, locals residing near the national park often look for food or other items in the forest. They use fire for land clearing for settlements, crop land and fuel wood cutting. The rangers leave with no choice but to fight fires nearly everyday.