SME D Bank offering low-interest loans to storm-hit businesses


Bangkok – The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME D Bank) is introducing a loan scheme to rehabilitate businesses battered by Tropical Storm Pabuk.

According to SME D Bank, businesses affected by the storm will be granted a 6-month non-loan repayment period as well as an additional loan of up to two million baht depending on their credit. The additional loan scheme comes with a repayment period of five years and 0.415% interest per month.

The bank is also rolling out other loan schemes in the storm-hit south such as a community loan program, an agricultural support program, a tourism loan program, an innovative business loan scheme, and a loan program for family-run stores. Personal loans will come with a 0.42% interest rate and business loans with a 0.25% interest.

Loan applications can be submitted via the “SME D Bank” application.

In addition, the bank is sending out teams to inspect damage in southern provinces and has opened the Hotline 1357 for financial assistance.