Slipper slapper arrested


BANGKOK, 21 October 2013 Two juvinile delinquents have been arrested after posting a clip on Youtube that showed one slapping a foreigner on the head with a slipper. The clip quickly went viral and caused much resentment from local Thais, claiming that the action had tarnished Chiang Mai’s tourism image. 

Police in Chiang Mai have arrested the 2 culprits under the charge of battery – both are 16 years of age and are Chiang Mai natives. The victim was Mark Monti, 58, who was hit on the head with a sandal in front of a gift shop while strolling along the sidewalk. Initially, he did not report the incident. It was not until after his friend told him about the clip on Youtube that he decided to report the case to the police.

The 2 teens confessed that they had just finished their classes at a technical school that day and were looking to play pranks on some people. Mr. Monti happened to be the unlucky victim.

The police called the teens’ parents to the station, where Mr. Monti accepted the two youngsters’ apologies. The two teenagers were then fined 500 baht each.