Sky lanterns set fire to 6 locations in Bangkok on Loy Krathong


BANGKOK, 18 November 2013 – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) made known that sky lanterns set afloat during the Loy Krathong Festival have caused fires at six locations across the capital. 

The BMA’s Fire and Rescue Department said a total of six fire accidents were reported during the Loy Krathong celebrations as fallen lanterns set fires to temples, public parks and electricity poles. Initial survey suggests that low-quality lanterns failed to rise up after takeoff and ended up burning nearby structures.

The City Hall has urged lantern manufacturers to produce and sell up-to-standard lanterns in order to prevent the risk of fire hazard during the next Loy Krathong.

However, no accidents on the road or in the water were reported in Bangkok during this year’s festival.

The BMA has also revealed that nearly 900,000 krathongs were floated in the capital’s public parks on Sunday, slightly less than last year. About of 88 percent of the krathongs were made of natural materials and the highest numbers of floats were recorded in Khlong Toei, Lat Krabang and Nong Khaem districts.


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