Site sought for new village replacing landslide hit community in Nan


Nan – Authorities in Nan have carried out a referendum on the use of land in the 345 basin as the location of a new village to replace the one destroyed by a landslide last week.

Members of the impacted village in Bor Klua Nua sub-district of Nan province attended a meeting with their district chief, soldiers, police and civil servants and engaged in a referendum on establishing a new community elsewhere.

The meeting decided on an area near Baan Na Lum village in Dong Phaya sub-district. It was chosen for its easy access to utilities and travel convenience and is a plot allotted for development by the government.

Temporary shelters are still being constructed for the victims of the landslide, which claimed eight lives. A total of six single floor buildings are to be built with 10 rooms each, where one household will inhabit one room. They are to be completed by August 12.

Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office, Sompas Nilphan has presented eight victims of the catastrophe with 50,000 baht each via the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation. Those whose homes were completely destroyed are to receive up to 230,000 baht each while those sustaining heavy damage will receive 70,000 baht and those with minor damage will receive 15,000 baht. Donations to the victims fund can be made to Krung Thai account number 067-006895-0.