Shippers’ Council calls on govt to delay minimum wage hike


Bangkok – Thai National Shippers’ Council (TNSC) has suggested that the new minimum wage hike be postponed by another year in a bid to allow businesses to make necessary adjustments.

The TNSC claims that the minimum wage rise which will take effect on April 1 will have a widespread impact across three industries – food, textiles, and frozen and processed chicken – all of which rely heavily on labor.

The TNSC has pleaded with the government to push back the effective introductory date of the new wage policy for another year, believing that the postponement would give SME operators enough time to make appropriate changes.

On a different note, the TNSC said Thai exports could rise 5.5% this year, with the total export value topping 230 billion US dollars, while cautioning that the appreciation of the Thai baht against other currencies could potentially affect the export sector over time.