Sheep banned from passing through scenic viewpoint in Doi Inthanont park


An inaccurate report in the social media about tourists feed sheep at Mon Nong Kae scenic point near Doi Pha Tang in Doi Inthanont national park in Chiang Mai has prompted park officials to ban the herding of sheep near the scenic point to prevent public criticism against the park.

Thailand News - 05-02-17. 3 PBS Sheep banned from passing through scenic viewpoint in Doi Inthanont park

Mr Rung Hirunwong, chief of Doi Inthanont national park, said on Thursday that it was a total misunderstanding that sheep were shown to tourists to be fed or photographed for commercial tourism at Mon Nong Kae scenic point as reported in the social media.

He, however, admitted there are about 100 sheep belonging to a Royal project which have been there for many years. The sheep are normally herded from the project site to the grazing ground about one kilometer away and back every day and the animals have to walk past the scenic point where wild Himalayan cherry (nang phaya sua krong) are now in full bloom, he said.

Rung noted that the misreporting in the social media had painted a negative light on the park as there is a rule against bringing domesticated animals into the national park.

Initially, he said he had asked officials of the royal project to avoid using the route which passes through the scenic viewpoint to herd the sheep and to use other route.

He added that it is not possible to completely ban the sheep from the park because the animals are raised for exhibition to villagers by the royal project.