Several initiatives to boost safety of female passengers launched on Mother’s Day


BANGKOK, 13 August 2014  – The Ministry of Transport has taken the occasion of Mother’s Day, August 12, to launch several measures aimed at boosting the safety of female and child passengers on all modes of travel. 

The Airports of Thailand Plc. on August 12 launched a ‘lady parking’ area at its flagship Suvarnabhumi International Airport. 450 parking slots have been made available under the scheme – the parking slots are available on the second and third floors of the airport’s several short-term parking buildings. The special parking will also be made available at five other airports operated by the AOT, at later dates.

Regarding travel on tour buses, coach company Nakhonchai Air has launched a ‘lady zone’ cluster of seats for female passengers on board tour buses in some of its routes. The special seats have been set aside on the Bangkok-Khonkaen, Bangkok-Ubon Ratchathani, Bangkok-Chiang Mai and Bangkok-Chiang Rai routes.

The Department of Land Transport revealed on Tuesday it was studying the feasibility of a ‘lady taxi’ project, in which the taxi drivers will be female. According to department officials, in addition to boosting the safety of female passengers, the project might also increase employment of women, enabling them to bring home more income.