Senate to elect new Speaker on May 9


BANGKOK, 2 May 2014  – Senators have agreed to cast votes for a new Senate Speaker as well as Deputy Speakers at their next assembly on May 9, during which the appointment of new Senate committee members will also be conducted.

As the Senate convened its first meeting of the extraordinary session today, many issues were brought up for discussions among the senators. Some of the much-debated topics were the search for the new Senate Speaker and Deputy Speakers and the recruitment of new members for 22 Senate committees.

On a majority vote of 65 to 23, the Senate concluded that the two issues would be treated as separate agendas. The date and time for consideration of both was scheduled for May 9 at 1.30 pm.

Many of the senators stated to the assembly that the voting on the new Senate Speaker and his deputies could be done during the current session even though the agenda mentioned in the royal decree did not specifically cover the matter.

Appointed Senator Khamnoon Sitthisamarn insisted that it was necessary to name the new Speaker soon in order to prevent problems in the administrative system, citing the fact that the Senate Speaker must concurrently serve as Vice President of the Parliament.