Security tightened in Deep South as new school term approaches


BANGKOK, 14 May 2013 Officers in the Deep South are stepping security measures and setting up check points as the new school term is approaching. 

Several check points have been set up in the 3 southernmost provinces of Thailand. Security has also been tightened especially in the risk-prone areas, given the new school term will commence on May 16,

According to Army Spokesman Colonel Pramote Prom-in, Army Chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha has ordered all related agencies to step up security measures for teachers and students. He has also urged all teachers to be vigilant as they are representative symbols for the insurgents to attack.

However, the colonel has assured all teachers that the security programs have been designed to protect the teachers, school staff, and students, and that they have nothing to worry about.

The new school term in the Deep South will start on May 16, while police and military personnel in the region are now fully prepared to provide safety for everyone.