Scores of bomb-making items recovered from militant outpost in Narathiwat


NARATHIWAT, 11 February 2014  Authorities in the Deep South on Monday recovered scores of bomb-making items from a temporary outpost used by separatist insurgents, which was cleared out by paramilitary rangers on Sunday.

Officials said the materials uncovered could have been used to make at least 30 improvised explosive devices. The outpost was one of the RKK militants’ bomb-making facilities in the 3 southernmost border provinces. Bombs made at such sites were used to perpetrate unrest incidents in the Deep South. According to officials, militant leaders who operated in Ra-ngae, Cha-nae and Cho-airong districts of Narathiwat also used the outpost to plot their operations.

Officials also found evidence indicating the militants were preparing to use the bombs made at the outpost on February 13, which is the 1-year anniversary of the killing of their leader Maroso Chantharawadi by Navy Marines during the botched siege of the latter’s base in Bacho district.