Satun hit by third and most severe bout of flooding


Satun, south Thailand – Satun province has been hit by its third and most severe wave of flooding this year with residents put on high alert to possible landslides and runoff.

Days of heavy rain in Satun province’s Ta Pae district have created flooding with waters 30 centimeters deep along many roads. Local administrators have concentrated their efforts on directing traffic to maintain transport systems but have described the flooding as the worst of three waves this year.

The province’s governor has issued a warning to all residents in risk areas to beware of landslides, flash flooding and runoff, bidding them to closely follow reports from the Meteorological Department.

In Phitsanulok province, waters from Sukhothai have been pushed onto farms in three districts including the province’s Muang district to protect low lying areas but residents along some waterways have reported burst banks and flooding. Some 120 households have complained about the impact of deep flood waters.

Rice growers in Khon Kaen province have indicated that more than 1,000 rai of crops are in danger of rotting after being submerged for over a week. Dams in the area, including Ubol Ratana Dam have maintained a high release rate to ease the situation.

In Kalasin province, a team from the Office of the Basic Education Commission has carried out a survey of local schools hit by flooding, finding heavy damage after some locations were submerged in up to a meter of water for over two months. Flooding is generally easing in the area but is draining off slowly.