Satellite information to be used in forest conservation


BANGKOK, Aug 5 —  Thailand’s Royal Forest Department and Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (Public Organization) (GISTDA) joined forces in combating forest encroachment by using satellite image technology to inspect forest areas in Thailand.

The use of satellite information was aimed to further improve forest conservation measures, especially in 22 provinces in the Thai North and Northeast where encroachment is widespread, in line with the policy of the military-led National Council for Peace and Order.

According to GISTDA’s latest satellite information, one million rai of forest area are destroyed every year and there are currently only 102 million rai of forest left in the country.

GISTDA’s satellite imagery for forest inspection will be introduced in Phitsanulok province, along with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle which will be used to monitor encroachment risk areas, including Wang Thong district where a large area of conserved forest has been destroyed and converted into para rubber plantations.