Rubber-paved running tracks unveiled at Bangkok school


BANGKOK – The Ministry of Science and Technology has constructed running tracks paved with rubber for a school in Bangkok as part of the effort to address rubber oversupply and price slump.

Science and Technology Minister Pichet Durongkaveroj presided over a ceremony to present Bang Yikhan Witthayakhom School with running tracks and a multipurpose sport field, of which flooring was made of natural rubber in line with the government’s policy to make use of the rubber supply in stock and shore up rubber prices.

Following the oversupply of rubber, the Department of Science Service of the Science and Technology Ministry has conducted research on the paving of the running tracks and sport field with rubber. The project has undergone laboratory tests and has been certified by the industrial standards.

A total of 2.45 tons of rubber was used in the making of the rubber-paved tracks and field under a budget of 1.87 million baht.