RID Director-General observes canal dredg operations in Chai Nat


CHAI NAT, 29 July 2015 – Royal Irrigation Department Director-General Lertwiroj Gowattana visited Chai Nat, to inspect canal dredging operations aimed at opening more space for water storage in the province.

The dredging operations are being conducted at two swamps in Han Kha District. Officials are also digging small canals around the swamps to facilitate distribution of water to farmlands. Mr. Lertwiroj said the operation is part of the government’s anti-drought policy providing urgent assistance to farmers affected by severe drought conditions. His visit to the province is expected to speed up the dredging process, and ensure a thorough access to water for drought victims.

The operations will increase the water-storing capacity of the two swamps in Han Kha District, in preparation for the rainy season which is expected to arrive next month.