Rice Department reacts to export of subpar rice


Bangkok – The Rice Department has urged farmers to plant only validated strains of rice to maintain the quality of exports.

Following news of fake Kao Dok Mali 105 rice being sold to importers, thereby denting the image of Thai rice sales, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has ordered a thorough investigation. So far, it has been found that a lesser strain of rice that can be grown in a short amount of time has been substituted on occasions for Kao Dok Mali 105 rice. It is believed that the lesser strain was smuggled in from abroad.

The ministry has reminded exporters that such actions are illegal and that all rice grown in the country must be present on the Department of Agriculture’s registry. It believes those growing subpar rice were deceived.

Rice Department Director-General Acting Sub Lt Krisanapong Sripongphankul has pressed rice farmers to use only validated strains of rice and to check that their crops conform to the strain they believe they are growing. He further suggested farmers seek out strains in high demand, such as Kor Koh 21 or Kor Koh 77, noting that Kor Koh 79 is also nearing approval. Use of correct strains will help maintain the integrity of Thai rice on the world stage.