Retailers urged to offer healthier gift baskets to consumers


Bangkok – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released its new ‘Healthier Choice’ label to guide consumers shopping for gift baskets during the holidays.

FDA Deputy Secretary-General Dr. Poonlarp Chantavichitwong visited Tops Supermarket and Makro in Chaeng Wattana, Bangkok to inspect gift baskets containing items carrying the Healthier Choice label. The FDA also offers training workshops on how to put together gift baskets that qualify for the label. The move is part of the regulator’s plan to promote healthier gift options during the holidays.

Healthier Choice gift baskets are designed to contain products that are low risk for obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and acute kidney failure, as well as stroke and heart disease.

The FDA deputy chief urged consumers to choose only gift baskets that are in good condition and clearly display the types of items within, as well as their expiry dates. There are now 441 products that have been awarded the Healthier Choice label.

Food manufacturers wishing to obtain the label are urged to submit their applications at the Institute of Nutrition of Mahidol University.