Repayment of student loan fund jumps 39 percent this year


The student loan fund has received repayments from student debtors amounting to 16,124 million baht for the whole year ending July 5, representing an increase of 39 percent from the figures a year ago.


Another student loan fund for university and higher vocational students also received repayments amounting 388 million baht during the same period – an increase of 27 percent from the figures last year.

The fund manager, Dr Thitima Vicharat, attributed the increase in the loan repayments reflected greater responsibility of the debtors which will help improve the image of the country.

She offered her thanks to the student debtors for paying back their loans which can be used to lend out to new students.

For those who missed the repayment deadline, Dr Thitima said they could do so anytime from now on but they will have to pay some fines too for the delay in payments. Fines will be waived if repayments are made within September 30.