Renovation of Royal Great Victory Carriage now 90% complete


BANGKOK – Renovations on the royal carriage for the cremation ceremony of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej is 90% complete.

Gold leaf and glass sheets are being used to restore 138 small angel figurines. The figurines were removed from the Royal Great Victory Carriage so they could be hand decorated by experienced artisans. Once this process is complete, the figurines will be reattached on the carriage.

The installation of ‘Prak’, two long decorative wooden pieces in the shape of the mythical Naga sea serpent, will soon begin after the carriage wheels are replaced. The wooden pieces will be placed underneath the carriage, close to the wheels.

The entire renovation process of royal carriage is expected to be completed within the month. Troops from the Royal Thai Army will also help set up and test the integrity of the Naga ladder, which will be used to elevate the royal urn of His Majesty late King onto the carriage.

Finally, an asphalt road is being paved in front of the building which houses the carriage, allowing it to travel during the royal funeral ceremony.