Region 6 Public Relations Office holds campaign promoting youths against drugs


YALA, 5 Feb 2015,  The Region 6 Public Relations Office in Yala has organized a project to promote youth’s participation in a campaign against narcotics in the Southern Region.

The meeting which was held yesterday was attended by students and teachers from 5 provinces of the South.

The campaign focuses on creating media content discouraging the use of narcotic substances among youths and promoting their participation in the cause. The project aims to strengthen the youngsters’ mind, encouraging them to say no to drugs, and to become a mouthpiece for the authorities in spreading the words to their peers.

The event featured speeches from fellow students from the youth council of the 5 provinces in the South.

According to the organizer, the yesterday’s event was the first of 4 planned for this year. The Office expected the campaign to be well-received by southern students, leading to their staying away from drugs in future.