Ranong officials meet on Burmese worker dwellings


RANONG, 24 June 2015,  Ranong provincial administration yesterday held a meeting on reorganizing Burmese workers’ dwellings in the area in line with the government’s policy to address illegal migrant labor issue.

According to a recent report, Ranong has 69,247 migrant workers living in the province as of March, 5,2015, the majority of whom, 50210, are from Myanmar. Of the number, 18,843 have been here illegally. The remaining are workers from other countries. These workers are scattered among 74 communities in Muang Ranong District.

The provincial administration office has planned to relocate all Burmese workers to two other areas in Muang District, which together can accommodate up to 32,000 workers. One of the zones is located in Bang Rin Sub-district and the other in Paknamtarua Sub-district.

Aside from providing living areas for the Burmese workers on both short-and long-term basis, Ranong is planning to develop the areas into the province’s new tourist attractions in future.