Ramkhamhaeng bombing investigators stumble upon students’ drug cache


Metropolitan Police investigating the bombing incident in Ramkhamhaeng of Bangkok have stumbled upon a university student with 15 liters of the narcotic ‘Krathom’ juice, 8 kilograms of Krathom leaves, a handgun and illicit drug making equipment. 

Another team of investigators dispatched to search suspected buildings in the Ramkhamhaeng area also found Krathom plants, cough medicines and narcotics-making equipment during their search of Soi Ramkhamheang 53/1.

The officials have detained those in possession of the illegal articles for questioning. They will also determine whether the individuals had any role in the Ramkhamhaeng explosion.

In the meantime, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Khamronwit Thupkrajang has insisted that the explosion was not related to the Deep South unrest, but was likely a result of conflicts between vendors in the area.