Public Relations Department preps its networks during emergency situations


KHON KAEN, 15 May 2015 – The Government Public Relations Department (PRD) is holding a “Workshop on PR Operations in Normal and Emergency Situations” for its officials and networks in 11 upper northeastern provinces to increase their capabilities in information management in all circumstances.

The workshop was opened today by PRD Deputy Director-General Prawin Pattanapong. It was attended by 120 participants including local PRD staff, PR volunteers of each community in the region as well as members of local press. It was held at Kosa Hotel in Khon Kaen.

Mr.Prawin said that the workshop was the second of its kind, and one of the nine workshops scheduled to be conducted nationwide under the 2015 fiscal budget of the PRD. The main objective is to train local staff on how to release necessary information during normal and emergency situations with highest efficiency.

Main topics of the workshop were a seminar on “PRD Preparedness to handle information management during International Terrorism”, and the “Table Top Exercise on PR Working Plan in Disasters”.