Public forum to be held to find solutions to illegal fishing


BANGKOK, 31 July 2015 – The Fisheries Department is planning to organize a public forum to find solutions to illegal fishing in Thailand.

Fisheries Department Director General Jumpol Sanguansin has revealed that the number of machines that fishing trawlers are using still poses a big threat to the balance of marine life. As trawlers use machines that are non-selective in the fish they target, marine resources have quickly dwindled due to advanced fishing tools.

The Director General said there are no restrictions pertaining to the types of tools that should not be allowed in the sea. Fish and crustaceans of all sizes have so far been caught without being spared and opportunities to breed. Many fishermen have also been fishing beyond their territories.

Public opinions will be compile from the forum and proposed to the Command Center for Combating Illegal Fishing for consideration within August 7th.