PTTEP to partake in bidding for stakes in Bongkot, Erawan gas fields


Bangkok – PTT Exploration and Production Plc (PTTEP) has announced it will join the bidding for stakes in the Bongkot and Erawan gas fields when the Ministry of Energy and the Department of Mineral Fuels hold auctions.

The SET-listed oil and gas drilling arm of national oil firm PTT Plc will jointly bid for a larger stake with its current partner in the field.

As for the Erawan gas field, PTTEP is negotiating with the current operator, Chevron, for a share in the field. But if the two companies cannot conclude a deal, PTTEP will bid for an operational stake in the field.

According to government data, the Erawan and Bongkot fields have a combined output of 2.1 billion cubic feet per day.