Provincial Waterworks Authority launches ad hoc drought response centers


BANGKOK– The Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) has launched ad hoc drought response centers across the country to cope with the drought crisis next year. 

PWA Govenor Rattana Kitchawan disclosed that the PWA had prepared a budget of over four billion baht to implement three phases of drought-relief plans. The first phase entails canal-digging and dredging and pipe-laying tasks. The second phase consists of 17 projects aimed at seeking additional water sources. The long-term measure involves nationwide water management for 2017 to 2018.

PWA has also sought a loan of 1.7 billion baht to enhance its service and crisis-relief tasks such as expansion of service areas, establishment of ad hoc drought response centers, and disaster monitoring and assessment.

PWA has in addition cooperated with different agencies, including the PTT, the Royal Thai Army, the Provincial Electricity Authority and the Department of Groundwater Resources in water supply missions for drought-hit areas. The PWA governor added those needing help can call PWA hotline 1662.