Prime Minister’s Minister gives speech on combating corruption to political science students


Bangkok, 11 February 2016 – The Prime Minister’s Office Minister has urged students to be moral and vigilant against corruption for the peaceful future of the nation.

At the awards ceremony for “Political Science Honors” of Thammasat University’s Political Science Faculty, Prime Minister’s Office Minister ML Panadda Disakul gave a special speech titled “Capable, Moral and Happy”. In the speech, ML Panadda stated that national development and corruption cannot occur at the same time and urged the nation’s youths to use their skills and knowledge to lead the Kingdom towards prosperity. He bid them to be a part of the fight against corruption and recommended they find just individuals to serve as role models.

The Political Science Honor is awarded to students that while achieving academic success also perform social work. A total 57 students received the honor at the latest ceremony.