Prime Minister not forcing civil servants to wear Thai garments


BANGKOK, 20 March 2013 The Ministry of Culture asserted that its designs of Thai-style clothing emphasized the use of local fabric that suited the hot weather in the country, while Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra asserted she was not forcing civil servants to wear Thai clothes. 

Donning Thai clothes, Prime Minister Yingluck, who has been attending recent Cabinet meetings, observed the prototype Thai clothing designs by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The clothes are made by nanotechnology and are fire-resistant, water-resistant, and bacteria-resistant. The resistance to bacteria meant the clothes would not smell easily. The clothes would be especially well-suited for wearing during the Songkran festival.

The prime minister said she was not forcing civil servants to wear Thai clothes, but would continue to promote them. Exportation of the clothes will also be supported.

Sonthaya Khunpleum, the minister of culture, said his ministry would emphasize the use of local fabrics in each community in its promotion of the clothes’ designing. He cited local cotton fabrics as an example, saying it was comfortable to wear and suited the weather in Thailand.